Vinyl Siding Cleaner For Your Home

I always use mild detergent as vinyl siding cleaner for my home. It can wipe away dirt, smudges and dust away from the external cladding. I have noticed that vinyl siding can get dirty over time. I am thankful that cleaning this type of siding is an easy do it yourself task that I can easily complete within three to four hours. I have listed here the things that you must do in making your siding look clean again.

Finding The Best Vinyl Siding Cleaner Is Part Of The Pre-Cleaning Process

Cleaning the vinyl siding entails spraying vinyl cleaner and water around your home. Thus, there are several things that I want you to remember to protect your home and yourself. The first thing that I usually do is to close all doors and windows. I also switch off any exterior electrical fixtures such as lights and power outlets. Any kind of detergent can damage plants, wood, metals, and other items, so you must cover them before starting the cleaning process. I also recommend checking over the siding vinyl for mildew or molds. One technique that I have learned that you can also do if not certain if it’s a mold is to drop a liquid bleach solution on the smudge. If the speck turns white, it is mold. If retains black, it is just a smudge.

Things You Need In Cleaning Vinyl Siding

Certainly, the most important thing you will need in cleaning vinyl siding is water. If you don’t want to use any commercial cleaner, you can try to use homemade vinyl siding cleaner using laundry soap. Other important things that you will need are soft brush, old yet clean rug, sponge, water hose and water buckets of large sizes. I am fortunate that I have a pressure washer at home, because it makes the cleaning task very easy.

The Cleaning Process

I have realized that it is easier to work around home in three to five foot parts. Fill the bucket with water mixed with the best cleaner for vinyl siding. Grab your cleaning materials of your choice – it could be a mop, an old rug or a sponge. I want to save money so I just wrapped an old rug on the head of a long stock and secured it with sturdy duct tape. I can easily spray away debris smudges and loose dirt using a pressure washer. This easily gets rid of mold problems. I normally begin cleaning at the top and scrubbing any dirt from the siding. I suggest working down to the bottom of the siding. You can use the water hose to wash away the soap. Make certain to get rid of the soap to prevent it from drying up and leaving a smudge on the vinyl log siding.

Important Tips In Cleaning Vinyl Siding

Repair-Vinyl-Siding-largeIf you don’t want to buy potentially harmful chemicals, you can use eco-friendly cleaner for vinyl siding. I also use trisodium phosphate instead of laundry soap. You can also use bleach to get rid of mold especially from very old vinyl sidings. If you will use a ladder to clean a vinyl siding near the roof, you must ask for help from someone to hold the ladder securely.

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